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Mission Statement.

The Stop Bullying Project's main goal is to help bring an end to bullying. Whether it is through education, music, film, social chats, discussions or protest marches, we are dedicated to helping our children live the lives they deserve without fear.

Our mission is to encourage our children to speak out, share, and tell who is bullying them. To offer them an environment of safety, and an ear of understanding. We desire to create a safe place for victims to freely express themselves, and receive the help they need, without fear of retaliation. As far as those doing the bullying; in addition to holding them accountable for their actions, our goal is to get to the root of their reasons for bullying. It serves no purpose to punish them for their actions, without first understanding and finding out why they do what they do.

In carrying forth our mission to bring an end to bullying, we aim to utilize every avenue available to us—be it through music, art, film or education. By reaching out to communities, schools, individuals, and organizations, we hope to utilize the film to create open dialogue in which we can reach and save as many lives as we can.

The Stop Bullying Project began with a song written in three minutes by Mynding My Own Bizness (MMOB) Entertainment's Artist, Jiggy Jada. From the mind of this creative genius, along with MMOB Entertainment's Jacquelyn Wilson, Executive Producer Maurice Wilson of Black Moes-Art Music/NXT LVL Ent. , Director Gerald Barclay of Gee-Bee Productions The Stop Bullying Project was birthed.

Leader, innovator, and gifted defines female artist G.I. Jayne aka Jiggy Jada.  With her mother, Jacquelyn, in her corner managing her, the dynamic duo is breaking all rules necessary to achieve their goal: introducing a fresh and innovative voice to the Hip Hop genre. As well as making a social impact on the lives of young people through art and education. 

Jiggy Jada's motive is simply to encourage the youth to believe in themselves while opening up this generations eyes to the darkness they’re sometimes trapped in. Moving with militancy and diligence she is prepared for war and fights for the cause. 

Please join us in  our efforts by supporting our film, The Bully, a short film that tells the tale of a Muslim girl who is starting a new school and finds herself the victim of relentless bullying. In the resulting emotional turmoil, she finds allies and salvation in unexpected places. It is a story of intolerance, but also a story of kindness, forgiveness, and redemption. Inspired by Artist, Jiggy Jada. We are taking this message to the masses, hoping we can bring an end to the violence that is overwhelming a generation.  

To learn more about Jiggy Jada, and upcoming events and performances, visit:

Please be certain to visit our page often, as we will have updates on screening times and places of our film, The Bully, and links to where you can purchase tickets and merchandise in a continued efforts to support The Stop Bullying Project.



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